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Welcome to our website.  We are happy to share with our friends and family our experiences as we travel.

I started updating this website with some travel journals that I had kept when El and I went to different cities. We have been trying to make one or two trips a year and I started to realize that I was forgetting many of the details of some of the trips we had been on.  I started thinking what a shame it was to have taken, what some would consider the trip of a lifetime, and actually not remember parts of it.  It started to feel like a waste.  So, I started keeping a journal and between the two of us we take a few pictures.  Since we got a digital camera a few years back, I like that much better than my old film camera.  Now I am more likely to take pictures and edit later than trying to conserve film etc.  In actuality what would happen is that I would save film to take several shots of a planned landmark visit only to come home and realize I had 100 shots of the same landmark, and virtually none of other stops on our trip.

I recently took some of my film negatives to have them converted to digital.  Yeah, they don't look perfect and some are a bit grainy, but as I go through them I see there are some pictures that jog a memory or that I do have some notes on.  The first trip I took extensive notes on was Warsaw, Poland 2007, so any earlier journals are not as complete as the ones since.  I was just keeping track of this for myself, but others have commented on them, so I am thrilled that anyone would take the time to look through any of it.  Thanks, and keep checking back for updates (if you want to).